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Is 1xbet Trustworthy? Read Our Report and See Whether 1xbet Is Safe or Not

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Since its inception, 1xbet has garnered a huge fan base and is considered an upcoming bookmaker. One of the greatest features that make 1xbet a trusted bookie is the amazing payouts in place that can reach a high of 98.4 % especially on football matches. They also have a lot of special bets, alternative markets and a wide range of sports to take advantage. Additionally, they have one of the best live betting sections given that each bettor can watch up to four games simultaneously.

Apart from the wide range of products such as e-sports and live casino, 1xbet provides easy withdrawal methods which mostly take less than 15 minutes for those who use Skrill, Neteller or e-wallets. The wide range of options is also great since it caters for both common and local players. They have also developed an application to use on desktop computers and mobile platforms.

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1xbet Account Safety - Are Your Deposits and Personal Details Safe?

There have been a lot of controversies in the past on the security of 1xbet but it is safe to say that it is one of the safest platforms to place your bet. You should not be worried about your deposits and personal details safety since the sites feature an advanced security system and encrypted pages that protect your funds, transaction and personal details. One of the key issues people look out for in betting sites is the popularity of the bookmaker. First, 1xbet has a worldwide operation base and over a 100 betting shops. With such a huge following and clientele base, it should be reason enough to start off your betting.

With such a trustworthy bookmaker and with hundred of thousands of customers, you should not be bothered that their server certificate, secured system communication and SSL (Secure socket layer) will not keep your personal information and deposit safe. When registering at 1xbet, you will be provided with terms and conditions at the last point of registration. If you read through the terms and conditions you will realise that the site only reserve your banking details so that they can credit your winnings. Your personal details such as email addresses are used to send out promotional information and any other offers.


While there is nothing concrete to suggest that they might be misleading their customers, they still have not opened up to their auditing process. They do have a Curacao license and even so not many people consider this a solid seal of approval. Your personal details can be used, among other things, process your bets, including online payments and cards, setting up, operating and managing your account and carrying out any customer analysis.

With a giant betting company such as 1xbet people can take advantage of your transactions in a bid to undertake fraudulent activities. That being the case, 1xbet will only disclose your personal information including but not limited to betting history and personal data with sporting bodies, other regulators and police to investigate cases of money laundering and fraud. Additionally, all your data can be destroyed if it does not need to be retained. Any other information transmitted to the company is done so under your own risk. If you sign up at 1xbet, all your personal information is protected against unauthorized access, loss or misuse. That said, it should not be hard to make your first deposit and bet your way to greatness.


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Are There Any Scam or Fraud Complaints about 1xbet?

There have been a few concerns recently on the players’ accessibility to their winnings but for obvious reasons, there is always another side to the story. You should take note that such complaints arise from syndicate players who are looking to exploit the bookmakers offers using fraudulent methods. They might either be abusing bonus, using multiple accounts and betting on suspicious events. However, you should not be bothered as an average player since the company has been in operation long enough.

It is alleged that despite being licensed in Curacao, the said regulators are still a joke as they do not answer to complaints. Given that they offer multiple sports including different leagues and regional amateur matches, they attract a huge following from all over the world. This is in the hope that such clients can place random bets and place smart money so that they can start their scam. One of the ways of doing so is playing tactics to avoid releasing payments to clients. They might even cancel your bet and ask you to verify your identity.


It is also alleged that the site has made a restriction on withdrawals. This means that you are only allowed to withdraw if you roll over a few times on the 1xbet bonus given the first time.

With 1xbet, you are asked for a rollover even though you are not allowed to bet due to 1xbet betting limits. They might at times refuse communicated or stop answering to emails and when bothered in an aggressive way, especially informing them of your intention to expose their fraudulent activities, they go an extra mile to cancel your winnings. This, however, is subject to discussion given that 1xbet has good reasons to dismiss your account. Everyone also is entitled to an opinion on fraudulent activities.

Potential clients may also tend to not trust the site due to the "how to bypass the website blocks" tab with the 1xbet mirror links used these are in place to ensure access to all when location restrictions may be in effect and not to swindle players by using unsecured links.


How Is the Customer Support of 1xbet?

In the previous years, 1xbet has been in the spotlight for having problems with customer services. Some of the key issues that are of great concern include being unresponsive at times and the lack of English language skills. Such customer service led to missed payments, miscommunications, and complaints of those trying to access their money. This has, however, improved over the years. It is now easier to reach them via email and have integrated a live chat option for faster responses. Also, they have a customer care number which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Their support is now fully integrated into English and has eliminated previous issues related to delayed payments.

1xbet has integrated a callback request button. This way, it is much easier for the customer service agent to get back to you in case you need any assistance. Also, you are also able to conveniently make changes to the time zone and your odds display on site. 1xbet has integrated a Multi Language support and now you are able to get assistance in Greek, Turkish, Polish, Spanish and other languages. The company has continued to provide excellent services and now you can view your queries via an online community blog forum. On this forum, you can post a question or complaint and one of the company representatives responds to it. This is a great way since you get an in-depth analysis of your queries and substantiated reasons for whatever complaints you have got. If an issue is not addressed as required members of the community forums can reply to the thread until a solution is found. This has also played a part in building the betting company’s credibility and reputation online.


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Overview - Why 1xbet is or is Not a Reputable Trustworthy Bookmaker

You should not have to worry about placing bets on this bookmaker since it features a wide range of services with the company operating worldwide with secure 1xbet payment methods and owns over 100 betting shops.

You should feel secure since it excels in the competitive odds it offers, the widest range of betting markets and the sheer number of sports on offer. Some people would not consider it given that it does not come with a welcome bonus and can at times be difficult to navigate. However, it scores highly given the variety it provides on its betting services.

They are reliable, especially in their service delivery. For instance, you are able to conveniently use their online and offline betting services since they are interconnected. This means that, they do have the same management, financial staff and database. That said, you can conveniently register at their website, the head over to their offline shop or office to deposit your money, place some bets online while at home then head back to the office and withdraw the cash. One of the key issues most people would not like about the bookmaker is that it lowers your odds instead of collaring your limits. Take for instance, you are a winning player and you pick value bets and keep dropping odds. If you logout and then log back to the site, you might see 1.90 instead of 1.97 which was previously the case.









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