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Esports may sound like a relatively new concept, but the idea of betting on humans playing on video games has been around for a while. 1xbet Esports betting gives players the opportunity to bet on a number of different eSports games. There are loads of different types of eSports you can bet on. Some of the most popular eSports are ones that emulate real sports like Football in the UK, and Baseball in the US, but there are also many different eSports that are completely different to most online betting, which is what attracts players. Some of the other eSports that players can bet on with 1xbet include fighting games, first person shooters and real time strategy games. There is also the option to bet on big eSports tournaments, like multi-player battle arenas. Since the late 2010's, the huge surge in the popularity of eSports has encouraged online sportsbooks to branch out, and give players the opportunity to make bets on eSports, some, like 1xbet even offering the player the chance to do it in real time.

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What Type of Games Can Be found at 1xbet Esports

1xbet have loads of different games available in their eSports betting portal. eSports tend to follow the trend of what is traditionally popular in the online gaming community, so it is no surprise that Football games like FIFA are one of the most popular. But for people that like to be a bit ahead of the curve, there are games on 1xbet like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, which are not only nostalgic favourites but also have great odds. You can also bet on many tournaments on eSports that match the popular sports tournaments that are going on in real life - like tennis tournaments that run at the same time as Wimbledon. Another great thing about the eSports betting on 1xbet, is that you can bet on games that have traditionally been incredibly popular in the gaming world. Call of Duty is so well known, that even people who are not traditionally video game players will know what it is, and you can bet on that with odds that are as fair as the ones for the eSports that are traditional sports. You can also take advantage of certain betting offers that you would get if you were betting on a real life sport, like accumulators if you are betting on a eSports football tournament. There are also some sports that are traditionally not available to bet on in real life - like handball.

What are the Most Popular Esport Games at 1xbet?

One of the most popular eSports available on 1xbet is FIFA, and it is a great way to use your 1xbet bonus

  • FIFA The great thing about FIFA is that it is so similar to regular football, if you are a little bit unsure or are just finding your feet with eSports, you can start off with FIFA as it is very realistic and quite like the real sport. This is why a lot of the eSports that match traditional sports are popular because they are quite easy to navigate.
  • Street Fighter While these actual games have been around a while, tournaments and betting on these tournaments is a relatively new concept. Because the games are so popular in general, many people are attracted to the notion of being able to watch them live and place bets on them. Because 1xbet lets you watch live and bet live in game, you can make quite an educated guess on who is going to come away the winner.
  • Worms is also a game that is quite popular in the eSports world, and it had quite a cult following when it was first released in the 80s on the Amiga 500. The game has now come along leaps and bounds, and you will find tournaments between countries that you can place bets on with 1xbet.

What Are the Requirements & How to Play Esports at 1xbet?

The general requirements for signing up to 1xbet and betting on eSports are the same as signing up to the sports book to place bets on real sports. You need to be over 18 and you need to check that you are able to conform to the deposit and withdrawal methods. If you are playing outside the UK, you will need to visit the terms and conditions page to see if your country is eligible. There are also different requirements for obtaining bonuses like the 1xbet bonus for losing bets.

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There are a few things that you need to also remember if you wish to play eSports:

  • When you are playing eSports live, bets will be calculated at the end of full time.
  • The minimum bet on each of the eSports is £0.02
  • The maximum bet will be determined depending on which eSport you are betting on, and will be given to you at the start of the game.
  • The available types of bets are win, double chance, total, or total of team. This does not necessarily mean that each of these types of bets are accepted for each sport. If you are unsure on the type of bet you are able to place on your chosen eSport, you can find out this information by logging on to the 1xbet website and looking up the terms and conditions.
  • 1xbet will always reserve the right to change maximum betting amounts per person at their discretion.

What Prizes Can I Win Playing Esports at 1xbet?

There are loads of different prizes you can win with eSports, as the 1xbet bonus programme gives you the opportunity to win a different prize on a different eSport each day. These can range from a 1xbet bonus for losing bets to a percentage of cashback on your bet.

The Esports Bonus Calendar at 1xbet?

Because 1xbet offer so many different bonuses for eSports rather than a standard 'one size fits all' bonus that covers all of the eSports across the board, they have organised these into a calendar, so you can see which eSport you get a bonus on on each day. Not only does this mean you can chop and change eSports depending what there is a bonus on, but you can also be aware on what days you can get bonuses for your favourite eSports.

Overview of Esports at 1xbet?

The eSports at 1xbet are very well run, and they are one of the best sports books in the UK for being able to bet on eSports. Although other betting companies offer the opportunity to bet on these, there are not many that make a point of offering so much choice and also bonuses. They also consistently give great odds on eSports, which is something that other sports books who only dip into this slightly are not able to do.









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