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How to Properly Use the 1xbet Bet Instructor on the Current Betting Markets

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1xbet betting markets appeal to a wide range of bettors in Eastern Europe, Portugal, Germany and Western Europe. The casino which was founded in 2011 has over 1,000 shops in Russia and plans to move to several countries in Asia. To cater to all these customers, the site is translated into more than 30 languages. They offer sports games, alternative markets, Asian handicaps, and special bets and allow customers to place bets on games such as football, American football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and volleyball. There is a selection of 500 to 1,000 events that they can choose from. Customers can place their bets in live casinos and via e-sports. Additionally, the casino allows customers to place their deposits or withdraw winnings in a way that’s convenient for them as several payment methods are allowed.

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Betting Markets Explained. The Most Popular Betting Markets

Betting markets refer to a selection of odds offered by bookmakers/casinos on different betting platforms. Most companies provide different sub-categories of betting markets, all with different odds. This section describes the different types of betting opportunities that players can take part in.

This is an outright win bet. It is the most common bet that online players can place. A bettor simply has to predict which team will win (Home team? Away team? Or Score Draw). The codes used for placing such bets include 1 if you think the Home Team is going to win, X for a draw, and 2 if you predict that the Away team will win.

This offering is a good choice for punters who find it difficult to take part in the correct score bet. An Under/Over goal bet is easier to win as you place a bet on the total number of goals that will be scored by both teams.

This is the most rewarding bet that a bettor could place on a match. You will need to rely on only your judgment to predict the final outcome of a match. If you are right, you win!

Handicap betting is also commonly known as Asian Handicap, the spread, line betting, and points betting. It is the process where a betting company levels the playing field for two sports teams by giving a virtual advantage to the underdog. This means that the stronger teams are handicapped and the underdogs are given a head start.

The Available Betting Markets at 1xbet

1xbet has a large variety of betting markets. You can place a bet before a game or during the event. You are also allowed to place bets on several outcomes such as the whole tournament result, or intervals of the match. Here is a selection of popular 1xbet betting markets:

Handicap: The bet can be placed in various markets such as total goals, match winners, and yellow cards. The Handicap is represented in a number of brackets as H1 and H2. In football, 1xbet Asian Handicap allows customers to offer bets on half-time results, shots that the goalkeeper saves and the number of goals the forward scores among others.

Match betting (Under/Over): When the player places a wager using match betting, they make predictions on whether the Home Team or the Away Team will win or if they will draw. To increase chances of winning, the player can make several predictions on different markets concurrently. This feature is specific to this betting company.

Betting on total: If bettors choose this option, they are allowed to predict the combined number of goals that both teams will make. You can make the predictions for the whole match or in intervals. If you choose to place interval bets, only goals scored in the half or quarter of the game will be counted.

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Are There Any Special Bonus Offers for Particular Betting Markets at 1xbet?

The company has a lot of promotions that keep customers hooked. The 100% welcome bonus is a popular 1xbet promo. Bettors also receive bonuses for continuously placing bets with the company. Permanent promotions offered by the casino include:

Star jackpot: All customers placing bets with this company have the opportunity to win a huge jackpot. To increase your chances, you have to take part in a daily task set by the company. To take part, bettors need to log into their account, place their bets, and complete the daily task. You then need to simply cross your fingers and hopefully win. It might just be your lucky day.

Advance Bet: If bettors play and finish the money in their accounts without settling two or more bets, they will receive a bonus. This, however, only applies if the player won in the last two bets they placed. To win, go to your account, place a bet/bets, check for your bonus on your betslip, look for the ‘find out’ button, and click on it. Then place your bet.

Series of losing bets: If you have been on a losing streak lately, this promotion will help you catch a break. For example, if you’ve lost 20 consecutive bets, you will get a bonus. This promotion will allow you to keep playing until you win. To receive the bonus go to your account, and place a bet; if you lose 20 times, you will receive a bonus. Simply send an email to at [email protected] and let the customer care know.


Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie, you will find something that you like on 1xbet casino. Since the betting market offerings have been tailored with your needs in mind, not only will you enjoy playing, your odds of winning will also increase and with the use of 1xbet cash out feature makes for interesting times. To understand exactly how the different betting offerings work, visit the company’s website. The casino has clearly indicated the games that you can place bets on, and the types of bets allowed in each game. There is no better way of understanding something than simply experiencing it yourself. A win will be icing on the cake.









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