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Playing online live bingo is both exciting, fun and a great way of meeting new friends. You can get access to different bingo games that offer both new and old players exciting offers. When signing up for the first time, you will be offered a sign-up bonus which is usually a percentage of your first deposit. Once you are done with the sign-up process and you are logged into your account, the bonus will be ready for use on different bingo rooms. You, however, need to activate the money by clicking on a link sent to your email or seeking assistance from the support team. There are different promotional bonuses you can take advantage of. They usually come and go fast, and usually in form of raffle prizes, free bingo tickets and prize draw.

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What Bingo Games Are On Offer At 1xbet?

There are different options of bingo games you can play at 1xbet depending on your preference. If you are not sure of the different bingo games you can enjoy, here is an outline of the common bingo games.

The 90 ball bingo games – The 90 ball utilises balls numbered one to ninety with tickets placed in three rows with five columns. Each row comes with five numbers and should be daubed or called if players are to win a full house. Players will also win a jackpot if it is a jackpot game.

The 75 ball UK bingo – It features a lot of similarities to the 75 ball pattern bingo in terms of the number of balls and ticket layout. However, this game comes with five prizes such as the one line cross, two lines crossing and so on. The final is a coverall which comes with all the 25 numbers marked off with a free square at the centre of the ticket

The 80 ball bingo - There are different types of variant games available for this bingo game. This includes four columns, full house and middle square.

The 90 ball speed bingo – This is one of the fastest variants in the bingo game and lasts for a minute. Balls in the game are called per second with winning animation being shortened.

How Easy Is It To Play Bingo at 1xbet?

Before playing your favourite bingo games at 1xbet, you need to first register to the site then make an initial deposit. You will enjoy a lot of bonuses at 1xbet and can take advantage of different promotions available. The next step will be to select a game. Different rooms come with different games.There will be rooms that will have a 2p 80 ball bingo game while others feature a 10p 75 bingo game. The choice of room is based on the games to be played and staked placed. You can enjoy games such as 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. The above games utilise different balls that come with a different style of cards. Once a room is selected, you will have to buy the tickets. There will also be a chat window where you can talk to other players during and before the game. The play games will also come with chat moderators who will help you win bingo bonuses. The tickets come with numbers that will be marked off and the 1xbet software will notify you the numbers left before winning a prize.

A number of bingo games come with special jackpots that would pay out if you are through with your bingo cards with a certain number of balls. The jackpots are usually an addition to the regular prize you will have to pay for the game and would run into great numbers. It is highly likely to see jackpots that run up £25,000.

What Are The Biggest Bingo Prizes On Offer at 1xbet?

After winning the bingo competition, there are different prizes you are able to claim. You can also get different prizes that are easy to claim. Their prizes comprise of bonuses, raffles and other competitions. After winning the prize there is a procedure to follow in order to collect your prize. First, you need to have access to the bingo prize store.

All the information relating to price collection is usually sent to the players. In order to collect the prizes, players need to have a valid 1xbet Voucher Code.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that the information entered on the bingo prize store is accurate and it is not limited to personal details, prize choice and voucher code. 1xbet would not be liable to any prize that doesn’t reach its destination as a result of incorrect or invalid mailing address. Once the selection is received from the recipient, they will be sent a confirmation email.

It’s important for the recipients to understand that the prizes selected cannot be cancelled or changed. On the other hand, the prizes are subject to stock availability and recipients need to wait for up to 90 days in order for the delivery to be met. If prizes are not delivered within 14 days after the specified date then you need to contact customer support via email and report the delay.

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Bingo In The Palm Of Your Hand - Can You Play 1xbet Bingo Via A Mobile Device?

You can now enjoy your favourite bingo games on different platforms. The development of different mobile application version of its site has now made it easier for players to enjoy bingo games on their mobile devices. Although not everyone will find it convenient when it comes to accumulators and placing live bets, it still performs the main function.

You will also find it convenient if you are working on Java platforms, windows phone, android or iOS. All these mobile applications can be downloaded from the official site. This makes it both convenient and easy for betting before in-play or kick-off. Clients can also conveniently make transactions and navigate through their betting history.

Integration of bingo into the mobile application has made it easier to play bingo compared to doing so online. Developers have found a way to integrate all the content on the website to suit mobile devices. For instance, navigation has been simplified to suit smaller devices. The touch screen also makes it faster and easier to play while at the same adding components of interactivity.

You will realise that the applications are fully optimised to ensure flawless user interactivity. Unlike before where you were required to play at casino or sign-up from your desktop or laptop, mobile platforms gives you the chance to play bingo on the go. If you are playing for real money, for instance, you are guaranteed of instance rewards. It also takes the advantage of social media and you can now share your winnings to friends and family.

Is It Worth To Play Bingo At 1xbet? - Rating

Playing bingo at 1xbet is worth a shot since it comes with decent chances of bagging jackpots, cash prizes and much more. It is one of the most socially connected forms of online gambling given the webcams and chat rooms that give players a chance to communicate and share the excitement that comes with the game. This is one of the game features that is focused on in various marketing campaign. If you sign-up for any 1xbet Casino Games for the first time, you will get an incredible welcome package. This is actually what excites players signing-up for the first time and old players rejoining the platform.

Playing on this platform is really fun and easy. Unlike the land based bingo games, tracking, selecting and sorting cards is pretty much easier. Everything on the platform is automated making it easier to track cards using the bingo software. There are also relatively new features that are constantly updated making the gaming experience even more exciting. It is also one of the avenues that improve on player’s etiquette and social habits. One of the greatest advantages of playing bingo on this platform is the diversification of the playing platform. You can create an account, make the first deposit and enjoy bingo games on the go at the convenience of your phone. This caters for Windows, Android and iOS users. Such convenience is what any potential gambler is looking out for. You should join the platform today and enjoy the bingo game excitement.









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