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How to Place Successful Asian Handicap Bets with 1xbet

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Asian handicap betting is a type of betting whereby various football teams are handicapped according to their present forms. Here, the stronger team or the team whose players are in form must win by more than one goal for you to win. This form of betting originated in Indonesia but it has spread all over the world with many punters trying their luck on it. There are several sites that offer their punters a chance to place Asian handicap bets on selected teams. 1xBet sports betting site is one of them. The only problem is that 1xbet Asian Handicaps are not conspicuous when you access the site. Another drawback is that they are offered only for a limited selection of games. The available betting odds and the way in which this form of betting is played are clearly described at the site.

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Assessment Of The Betting Odds With 1xbet Asian Handicap Options?

The assessment for 1xbet betting odds reveal that the site pays particularly high rates of up to 98.5% for special events. When it comes to Asian handicap betting, this Russian-based sports betting site offers official odds key of up to 93%. When you place Asian handicap for a single bet, the site takes two. This means that the bet with (+1.25) odds corresponds collection of two bets on handicap (+1.5) and handicap (+1). The sum of these single bets is equivalent to the sum of a half of the whole handicap. The win from the total handicaps will be equal to the sum of winning of the two bets. Depending on the results, you can win one win bet, win both bets, lose both of them, or another one is refunded.

Another thing to keep in mind as far as 1xbet Asian Handicap betting is concerned is the Asian handicap accumulator bet calculation. If the bet is a part of system bet or accumulator on Asian Handicap, the bookmaker doubles the number of variants. For example, you want to place a system bet or accumulator bet of €100 in which two teams has total odds of 3.25. Both teams have played the game and the results are 3-0. In this scenario, you will get 4 accumulators which are >3, >3.5; >3,>3; >3.5,>3 and >3.5,>3.5. You will, therefore, win in your account €25 by one system bet while all other bets are lost.

The site also describes how Asian handicap totals are calculated and settled. If you place such bets, they are settled as two separate bets at the rate of half of the sum of the two bets with equal odds and nearest values of common totals. For instance, let us calculate the settlement if you bet on total 1.75 under €100 with odds 1.4.

By calculation, as stated above, the bet is split into two separate bets which are total of (2) Under and total (1.5) Under. The sum of bet is split into two separate bets (in €50). Let's look at some variants:

If the match score ends (0:0), (0:1), both totals have passed and you will win the bet receiving (100х1.4=€140). If the match score ends (1:1), (0:2), the bet you placed on total (2) Under is refund which is €50 while the bet on total (1.5) Under is refunded. If the match score ends (1:2), you will lose the entire bet.

Do 1xbet Provide Asian Handicap Bets for Live Betting?

It is true that 1xbet allows punters to place Asian handicap bets on some live betting games. But as a matter of fact, these opportunities are rarely available in some game or before the beginning of matches. The other problem is that the live games where you can place such bets are not noticeable the first time you visit the site. One clicks through different live games on the site will enable you to find live games that you can place Asian handicap bets.

When betting live on 1xbet Asian handicaps, it means that you are placing single or multiple bets only on the remainder of matches. Any previous goals scored while the match was in progress before placing your bet will be irrelevant for the results of your wager. Whether you will lose or win will be determined only by the number of goals scored after you place your bet.

In a nutshell, Asian handicap bets for live betting, in addition to the already existing options, offers you a chance to win big at the site. You can utilize the good odds for Asian handicaps and the available bonuses to grow your profits at the site.

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Special Rules For Betting With Asian Handicap At 1xbet?

There are several special rules when betting with Asian Handicap at 1xbet. These rules basically explain how the actual 1xbet Asian handicap works on different outcomes. There are several examples given on the site to show punters what happens when a bet wins and when it loses. For instance, the site describes how Asian handicap total are calculated and settled. If you place such bets, they are settled as two separate bets at the rate of half of the sum of the two bets with equal odds and nearest values of common totals.

The site also offers rules for live total goals (under and over) betting. When placing live bets on the Under and Over the number of goals in a particular game, your outcome will be determined based on the number of goals the teams scored during normal time. This means that the number of goals scored after you had placed your bet is factored in the outcome of your bet.

The site also offers directions on who gets the welcome bonus when depositing money to place Asian handicap bets. The bonus offer is not available to bettors from Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Belarus, and other Commonwealth of Independent States. However, you can still win big even without the welcome bonus. All you need is to utilise your betting experience, skills and other bonus offers if you are from the above-mentioned countries.

Some players prefer Asian handicap betting in football instead of other forms of betting because there are more winning possibilities. The rules that apply to these two forms of betting may look complex for newbie players but at the end, you will find them friendlier than you thought.

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Explanation And Further Instructions For Asian Handicap Betting At 1xbet Sport?


Once you register at the site to place Asian handicap bets, there are several 1xbet bonuses which you can use to win big. For instance, upon registration, you will be awarded a 100% welcome 1xbet bonus to the maximum amount of up to €100  on your first deposit. To receive this bonus, you need to register at this Russian-based sports betting site by filling all the required sections which you can access in My Account section. Once you have logged into the site, the next step is to make your first deposit and the 1xbet welcome bonus will be automatically deposited into your account.

Players who sign up at the site also get a chance to benefit from 1xbet Cash Out offer. If you are worried that the team you place your bet on won't maintain their lead with the final minutes to go or you are nervous about the outcome of the final game in your multiple bets, the Cash out offer is for you because it will help you have control over your bet.

There is also a 1xPromo section which offers you a chance to win real prizes without paying any amount. There are several different sports you can place your bets and win in 1xPromo section. As you continue to place bets on any sport, you stand a chance of earning bonus points. You can then redeem your bonus points and exchange them for promo codes or game tokens. The more you place bets the more you continue to accumulate bonus points and the more you will be rewarded by the site.

The next step is to look for games to place your bets. Even if the selections of games where you can place Asian handicap bets are not noticeable when you first visit the site, you can always find them when you go click through the site. All you need is to click through the different selection of games to find out which one allows you to place Asian handicap bets. Even if they are few of them, you can always expect to win big from a few you will find.

Once you find the relevant game in which you want to place your bet on, the next step is to select the handicap option to find the available odds before placing your odds. This means that placing such bets is by no means different from normal or regular bets. You need to look through these particular bets to find out where and when are you likely to lose or win. You just have to imagine that the outcome of the games will be supplemented with an Asian handicap as shown in the bet.

These are some of the important information you probably wanted to know about 1xbet Asian Handicap betting. If you have any question about the same, feel free to ask. We will be more than happy to answer you accordingly.









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