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1xbet Bonus for Series of Losing Bets - Everything You Need to Know

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1xbet is a betting platform whereby people who want to bet can place their stakes on different types of games. With this in mind, it has been used by a lot of people who have successfully used the website. The site has a lot of bonuses to offer people depending on the platforms they are betting on. There are bonuses for online games as well as other games such as fantasy casino. What you may not know is that the site offers a bonus even when you are losing. However, the loss has to follow a certain guide of rules known as a series of losing bets.

In order to qualify for 1xbet bonus for a series of losing bets, you will need to start betting. The minimum amounts of bets you have to place are 20 if you are to qualify for this bonus. Additionally, the bets have to be placed on different sports. If you place them on the same sport, you will not qualify for the bonus. All these bets have to come out or settled as lost. The amount of money you stake will determine the amount of money you get as a bonus.

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What Are the Available Bonuses For A Series Of Losing Bets?

For a series of losing bets, there are a number of bonuses available these will include, but will not be limited to when you decide to bet on fantasy football. 1xbet allows you to bet on any game of fantasy football that they allow in their platform. You should note that the bonus you will receive will be exclusive of your losing bet. For example, if you get a series of losing bet bonus and you have a 1xbet fantasy football bonus, each bonus will be used separately as they will not be counted as one.

There are a number of bonuses you will get when you have a series of losing bets on 1xbet. Take note that you will need to lose a series of 20 bets with a minimum stake of $2. On the bright side the minimum bonus is $100. The maximum bonus for a series of losing bets is $500. This means that you can get a losing bet bonus as long as you play a minimum of $2 on each game for 20 different games, and it will not affect your 1xbet fantasy football bonus.

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How Do I Qualify for The Bonus?

There are different ways you can qualify for a 1xbet bonus. It will all depend on the requirements of the bonus you are aiming to get. For instance, if you want to qualify for the 1xbet bonus for a series of losing bets, there is a process you need to follow. For starters, you will need to register with the website. Once registered, you will have to place a stake of $2 on at least 20 games. Take note that all these games need to be different. This means that for each different game you should have a minimum bet of $2. After placing the bet, they should all lose if you are to get this particular 1xbet bonus. Take note that the odds must not be more than 3.00. Additionally, the offer is only inclusive of accumulators and single bets. The bet bonus can only be offered for a single account or IP address, computer, household or family. 1xbet will cancel the bonus if they find reasons or suspicion of multiple accounts.









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