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Understanding 1xTOTO - How to Successfully Bet with This Daily 1xbet Toto?

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The 1xTOTO bet offers gamblers the opportunity to take part in a new type of betting, which combines the fun of sports betting with the thrill of a lottery. 1xbet Toto is a fantastic way to bet on football and other sports, as well as to combine bets on a variety of games at once. This article explains how to play this TOTO betting game from 1xbet and what you can do to maximise your chances of success.

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What is 1xTOTO

1xbet TOTO is a kind of lottery bet. The TOTO style bet derives from lotteries that are popular in Singapore. The TOTO betting game available from 1xbet provides gamblers with a list of scenarios relating to a range of upcoming sporting events. When you head on down to 1xbet or open the 1xbet app to play TOTO, you will see a list of upcoming football matches and will be asked to choose whether you think each match will result in a home win, a home loss or a draw. TOTO lotteries have a rich history, as they begun in Singapore in the 1960s and are currently one of the most popular gambling activities in the country, being played by numerous people in all regions of Singapore every single day.

How to Play 1xTOTO

Playing is very simple. Whether on the 1xbet site or on the 1xbet app, browse the list of TOTO games and decide whether you think the game will be won or lost by the home team - or whether it will be a draw. There will be 12 games in total to make predictions about, and you will make predictions for all 12 games. Select 1 for a home win, X for a draw and 2 for a home loss. To make things easier for you, the 1xbet team place percentages below each option, so that you can see at a glance what the odds are for a home win, home loss and draw respectively. You can place bets up until the very first match listed on the TOTO betting slip begins.

Once this first match has begun, the betting slip will be considered 'live' and no more bets can be placed. These bets are free to make for all 1xbet customers, and there is a new TOTO lottery available everyday on the site. So, you can think of the TOTO lottery as a little 1xbet bonus for you to enjoy as a customer. The winnings take the form of bonus points for use on the 1xbet site and the number of points that you receive will depend on the number of correct predictions that you make. For instance, 8 correct predictions will earn you 100 bonus points, 9 correct predictions will earn you 250 bonus points, 10 correct predictions will earn you 1000 bonus points, and 11 correct predictions will earn you 5000 bonus points. If you manage to correctly predict the outcome of every single one of the 12 matches on the list, you will receive a whopping 10, 000 bonus points.

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Winning Strategies and Tips When Playing 1xTOTO

The first thing to remember when playing this game is to pay attention to the percentages placed beneath this option. These can be used as a guide to how likely each scenario is. If in doubt, adhere to the statistically most likely option! However, these percentages are just predictions, so if you want to be in with the best chance of winning at this TOTO game, it is a good idea to do your own research, too. Which teams are on particularly strong form, for example, and what do the starting 11 lineups look like?


This TOTO betting game is based on a classic lottery format, but it is not entirely a game of chance. Use your head as you make your predictions, and you could be in with a chance of receiving no less than 10, 000 bonus points. This game is free to play for all 1xbet account holders, and it is renewed daily so there are fresh opportunities to win on a very regular basis.









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