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Having Unsettled Bets? The Advancebet Bonus of 1xbet is the Answer!

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1xbet Advancebet is a 1xbet promotion that allows you to bet even if you have run out of money. If you happen to have two unsettled bets with 1xbet then you are able to receive this promotion, without doing anything special. There are a few points to the Advancebet promotion, but these are in general incredibly fair and do not make it hard for the customer to get the promotion. This is one of the promotions that 1xbet offer their existing customers, rather than centring on newer customers like some online sportsbooks do.

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How Do I Find The Amount Available to Me With 1xbet Advancebet?

1xbet are very well known for being clear and concise on how to get every 1xbet bonus . The Advancebet bonus is no different to this. Because the bonus is worked out on what the potential returns are of existing bets, 1xbet will give you a clear indication of how much you are able to claim for an Advancebet. Although this is not lyricist a 1xbet bonus for losing bets, if both the paid bet and the Advancebet lose, the Advancebet will be deemed void and you will not be charged for this. AllAdvancebets are worked out using the potential gains, instead of the actual stake, so this is something you will need to remember if you are aiming to place a bet just because you want to use it to get the advancebet promotion.

What Type of Advent Can I Use 1xbet Advancebet with?

You can use the Advancbet with any bet that you place in the 1xbet sportsbook. Because the amount of your Advancebet is worked out on your existing bet, you can basically take advantage of the promotion on any of the bets that you place through the sports book. This will always appear on your betting slip, so if it does not you can contact 1xbet customer services to find out why. Although you can use the 1xbet bonus of Advancebet on any event, special events may be exempt. If you are trying to use Advancebet as a 1xbet bonus for losing bets then try and do this with something you are comfortable with at first.

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What Are the Terms and Conditions of 1xbet Advancebet

  • If you wish to, 1xbet will offer you the facility to still place more Advancbets if you have existing ones that are not settled
  • 1xbet always reserve the right to stop these promotions at any time.
  • Any bets placed directly before you place your Advancebets and settled two days after will be used to cover the Advancebets.









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