1xbet is actually offering the chance to its members to win a Range Rover Velar as well as a variety of other prizes. To win these, all it takes is to take part in the Autumn Lottery that is currently being held on the site.

What is the Autumn Lottery?

Each day, 1xbet members have the possibility to find a sports ball on the site. It can be a football, a basketball, a volleyball, a tennis ball or a rugby ball. There are 6 of each type to collect, which means that there are 30 in total. The more balls one collects, the more chances one gets of obtaining better rewards. At the end of the promotion, on the 23rd November 2017, the draws which determine the winners will take place. Some of the balls are not easy to find, which is why 1xbet has come up with an idea for those who might need some help. In fact, it is possible to obtain hints, but this will be discussed later.

The rewards at stake

The prizes that can be obtained vary according to the number of balls one has managed to collect and there will be 3 separate draws. For example, those who have collected all 30 balls can receive various Apple products. These range from some iPad Pro tablets, that will be received by ten persons, to an iMac Pro. They are also eligible for the ultimate reward, that is the car. Those who found more than 20 balls can win a significant amount of bonus points. To be more precise, 5 persons will receive 20000 points, while 10 persons will obtain 10000 and 20 persons 5000.

Terms & Conditions of the 1xbet bonus

The most important prerequisite is that one has to register to the site in order to be eligible. Moreover, participation costs nothing, but punters will have to spend money if they need some help to find the ball. As a matter of fact, one needs to gamble $5 or more in 1xbet games to receive a hint. It is also possible to bet on events, but the odds have to be at least 1.8 for the wager to qualify. It is also worth noting that those who find all the balls will be able to participate in all 3 draws. However, those who fail to collect at least 10 balls won’t be able to participate at all.

*The bonus table below is applicable for new customers only. T&Cs Apply, visit 1xbet website for the full Terms & Conditions.









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