has launched "iGaming for the Future," aimed at uniting the gaming industry for good.

Our partnership with them aims to prevent malaria, which kills over 625,000 people each year. 70% of these are children under the age of five, and the disease is the leading cause of death for pregnant women.

On the left, you can see where Congo is located, and on the right, you can see where the Congo's various network supplies are.

Our collaboration has resulted in 346 mosquito nets being purchased and distributed in Kampemda ZdS, Haut Katanga Province, Congo, protecting 623 people from mosquito bites. During the night, mosquitoes are most dangerous because we are most vulnerable to them, which is why people should sleep with mosquito nets.

We would like to thank for inviting us to be a part of this event. It's an honor to help save children's lives, and we're rooting for you.

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A unique aspect of their affiliate program is that 100% of their profits are donated to charity. Since being founded by Erik Bergman, they have donated over $4,000,000 to causes such as malaria prevention, global warming, and ocean plastic cleanup.

They emphasize highly effective charities whose results can be measured and traced. One of the world's top charities, the Against Malaria Foundation, received donations from this partnership, and they clearly illustrate how and where mosquito nets are distributed.

The nets from our partnership are delivered like this.

Moreover, they provide regular emails when donations are made as well as updates on when the nets reach those in need. Through increased profits and uniting the iGaming industry to make it better as a whole, hopes to donate billions of dollars to charities each year.









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