In order to get the offer, one needs to go to the offer page and get a ticket. One can confirm their participation by placing sports bets of their choosing before the raffle starts. Only then will your account number be entered into the promo points of the raffle to be drawn at 20:00 UTC.

Bettors can then check on the promo page if their numbers are among the day's winners. If the number is on the list the better then receives 500 promo points. After the raffle ends the points are credited to the account within 24 hours. The time limit is attractive to some people.

How to Enter This Raffle?

This offer is available daily from 20:00 till 19:59 and all customers are entitled to a single ticket each day. Entering this raffle will only require you to log into the 1xBet site and visit the promo page. There you will get a ticket and place the bet that will confirm your participation.T

The process of selecting the winners is random each day.If your number is on the list of winners you get the promo points.

Terms of Winning

100 lucky winners get to win 50,000 promo points.

Every day on the promo page tickets are drawn.

One cannot win the prize if they do not visit the website. 1xBet has the right to amend the terms of the offer.

1xbet can terminate, renew and refuse offer participations. If they see any betters using a strategy is considered In appropriate or a form of abuse to the rule the 1xBet has the right to revoke the winnings and get back the bonus. They can also be removed from the promotion list of participants.

Frauds Policy

Due to the many people who try to misuse the 1xBet platform Fraud cases are very well dealt with.Any suspicion of fraud-like activity an account is immediately closed by their team. Also, the company has the right to ask a customer for an identification card and a photo to back it up. This is especially if they are receiving bonuses or winnings.It is necessary for them to certify a betters identity.Security is very important in betting a company that doesn't value security automatically loses its loyal customers. Having a bad review is bad for this type of business. The best thing is to keep the betting fair.









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